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European Finals 2012/2013 Austria!

Date was released: EMMA Eurofinals will be held in Salzburg during the Automesse in March 2013.


EMMA European Finals 2012/2013 - Salzburg

The EMMA European finals for 2012 are fixed now: it will be the Automesse Salzburg / Austria.

Date and location of the European finals

The 2010 European EMMA Finals are held from March 22nd - 24th of March 2013 during the "Automesse Salzburg" (Car fair Salzburg). It is the biggest event in Salzburg (state) around cars, tuning and sound. EMMA hosted their the last years a large information booth, but it will be the first time a EMMA competition will take place in Salzburg at this fair.

The City Salzburg has about 150.000 inhabitants and is the fourth largest town in Austria. The surrounding district/state is also called "Salzburg" or "Salzburgerland" to distinguish it from the city.

The fair ground is more or less at the city-boarder, and can be easily reached by bus (there are no subways nor trams in Salzburg). So you can book your favorite hotel wherever in town town which is anyhow a "must see".

AC Power Supply

AC Plug suitable for Spain - hybrid Schuko/French plug CEE 7/7 AC socket Netherlands - Schuko - CEE 7/4

In Austria we are using this classical Schuko CEE 7/4 Sockets & Plugs for AC power supply with approx 220-240 V. If you connect a modern CEE 7/7 hybrid Schuko/French plug, your charger should work pretty fine. If you are from Denmark, Great Britain, Cypres, Ireland, Italy or Switzerland you should care about an adapter ...


EMMA qualificiation lists

You are looking for the EMMA qualification lists of the other countries? Some countries have already started to publish their qualification list. Other countries should follow. In general there are now two posibilities: either you search for the qualifications on the homepages of the national EMMA organisations or you know at least where your country uploads the qualification list and share this information with me so I can link them. If you have found another result list, pls send me an email to empa0815-noiasca2[at]yahoo[dot]com


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