EMMA European finals 2012/2013 in Salzburg/Austria

First Information of the 2012/2013 European Finals in Salzburg/Austria

More infomartion will follow the upcomming months!

EMMA European finals 2011 in Nuernberg

Pictures from the 2011 European Finals in Germany


EMMA European finals in Rotterdam EMMA European Finals Rotterdam

Pictures from the EMMA European finals in Rotterdam



05.09. EMMA Slovenia Finals 2010 - Ljubljana

Automotorshow Ljubljana 2010 - EMMA ContestFor the 4th time the Slovenian EMMA Finals took place on the Automotorshow Ljubljana.

This year I took also a lot of pictures from Town Town Ljubljana




AMITEC 2010 - EMMA Kick Off in Leipzig16.06. Great EMMA kick off at AMITEC!

After years in in Sinsheim, the EMMA kick off changed to Leipzig.




10.05. Over 90 Car Audio Events in Europe

Car Audio Events

Currently there are over 90 car audio events in the calendar. I've collected them from the EMMA homepages, from EMMA Europe calendar (which is unfortunatly not complete) and other car audio organizations.

So far, there are Events from Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Ukraine, Romania... time to plan your season!


EMMA Rulebook AddendumEMMA Addendum 2010

After the headjudge meeting in Fichtelberg EMMA released the Addendum 2010 with some important news.