My Honda CRX del Sol

actual Project: My Honda CRX del Sol

During 2004 and 2006 I competed on several car audio competitions with my Honda CRX del Sol. 2007 will be the last year with this set up.


The concept

Overview - wiring diagramm of all ComponentsAnd now - follow the links to my car audio install  

a list of all audio components used in the Honda CRX del SolThe components

I'm using a 5 channel setup for the front system/subwoofer and additional 3 channels for surround and center. Here's a link to all components I use for the car stereo install.


EMMA competition results with the Honda CRX del Sol

This are the most important EMMA results for my Honda CRX del Sol:

2008: 1st Place in Zagreb/Croatia and Klagenfurt, 3rd in Sinsheim/Germany

2007: South European Champion Multimedia Advanced, Wins in Slowenia/Ljubljana, Italy, Brno/Czech, Neumarkt/Germany, Klagenfurt, 2. place in Sinsheim/Germany
2006: Austrian Champion Amateur Unlimited
2005: Austrian Champion Amateur -600 und Multimedia Amateur
2004: Austrian Champion Amateur -600

The car was on competitions in 8 different countries and won in 6 countries - this is really EMMA!