EMMA cable and fuse calculator


Based on the tables in the EMMA Rulebook and the pregiven formula this cable and fuse calculator helps to find out the proper size and diameter of wire and the necessary fuse value.

current in A length of cable in m  
main wire   m

estimate the length of your main wire

amplifier 1  
amplifier 2  
amplifier 3  
amplifier 4  
  Watt A  
Source Unit

if not OEM-Wiring harness is used.

Other devices

Your main cable has to fit for A in sum.
This would require a mm2 cable.
The next available diameter is mm2.
The max fuse for this cable is A.


auto proof
yellow fields should be filled
grey fields will be calculated
white fields can be filled


Note: I'm not shure about if this value fits to any standard. Imho the EMMA tables are close to the DIN 57100 part 523 and 430 resp. VDE 0100 part 523.

EMMA doesn't mention anything witch WRMS to take, whether 13,7 or 13 or 12 Volt. The calculator itself calculates Volt-drops on a 13 Volt base (you can't change it), but I suggest to take the WRMS @ 12V.



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