Honda FRV - EDIX Front speakers


To install the front system the dashboard was removed.
Honda FRV - EDIX: Dashboard (21)


Also the OEM damping material was dismantled.
Honda FRV - EDIX: Damping (22)


The firewall was damped with Standardplast Bomb.
Honda FRV - EDIX: Damping (23)

Speaker mounting

Panels were milled out of plywood.
Honda FRV - EDIX: Speaker mounting (123)

Tweeter enclosure

The tweeter has an open pole core, and needs an enclosure with a definied volume. Therefore tweeter pods where turned from aluminium.
Honda FRV - EDIX: Tweeter enclosure (94)


The A-pillars were prepared for the first layer of glasfibre.
Honda FRV - EDIX: A-Pillar (114)


The first layer of glasfibre.
Honda FRV - EDIX: A-Pillar (115)


Surfacer was used to obtain a smooth surface.
Honda FRV - EDIX: A-Pillar (116)

Triangle Window

The triangle windows were coverd.
Honda FRV - EDIX: Triangle Window (117)

Enclosure damping

The enclosure for the midrange speaker was damped with wool.
Honda FRV - EDIX: Enclosure damping (118)

Protection of speakers

Grills were made to protect the speakers.
Honda FRV - EDIX: Protection of speakers (119)

The final Install

The final install of midrange and tweeter.
Honda FRV - EDIX: The final Install (120)

Door Damping

Before mounting of the midwoofers the door was damped.
Honda FRV - EDIX: Door Damping (108)

Midwoofer mounting

Rings were milled and screwed to the door to mount the Midwoofers.
Honda FRV - EDIX: Midwoofer mounting (109)

Midwoofer mounting

Finaly the midwoofer was screwed to the mounting panel.
Honda FRV - EDIX: Midwoofer mounting (112)